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The more efficient your heating system is, the more money you'll save on utilities. Precision HVAC Install and Repair, LLC wants to help you get a top-tier gas furnace for an affordable price. We offer professional installations throughout the Beckley and Shady Spring, WV areas. Plus, all of our high-efficiency gas furnaces come with air handlers so you can control the heat directly from your phone.

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Using 96% gas for your convenience

Using 96% gas for your convenience

When you schedule a gas furnace installation from Precision HVAC Install and Repair, you'll have a system that uses 96% gas to operate within your home. This allows it to function with minimal energy, reducing your monthly bills. We'll walk you through all the details of your new high-efficiency gas furnace, showing you how to replace the Skuttle filters. You'll want to replace the filters every six months. If you do, your unit will be backed by a 10-year maintenance-free guarantee.

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